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Forms of assistance

Accessing Assistance

Federal Government Scheme
The New Enterprise Initiative Scheme is a government program available to eligible unemployed people receiving a government benefit. The scheme aims to financially support people to set up their own new small business. This scheme is available to people receiving a Disability Support Payment. For further information, contact Centrelink or go to

Community Living Initiative
QLD Government Scheme
Community living support funding is available to individuals with a disability to achieve their life’s goals. In order to apply for funding, you must complete a community living plan form and submit it to the government. This initiative is particularly for people who are seeking to live independently; there is an emphasis in the funding that people be ready to live independently. It may also be applied for by people who are already living independently and are seeking to engage more in the community. For further information, go to

My Future, My Life funding
QLD Government Scheme
This is a proposed new funding initiative that should become available in February 2012. It is aimed at supporting students with a disability to transition into post-school life. While this scheme is still under development, it is proposed that funding should be available to young people just prior to entering year 11 and will be aimed at helping them to achieve the goals that they have set for post school life. The funding can be used in a number of ways as long as they help to meet the goals of the transition plan for the young person.

Insurance information

To find out about the different types of insurance that might apply to you, visit:
It may be useful to speak to an insurance broker or a professional when seeking insurance. Compare the prices and service offered by different insurance companies.