What this website is about
The aim of this website is to be a resource for people who are interested in alternative employment opportunities with a focus on finding the right fit between person and role. The underlying values of the Community Crew Resource Hub project reflect a need for people with a disability to find a place to belong.

Why we created this website
There is limited access to appropriate and meaningful employment for people with intellectual disabilities within the community. Community Living Association (CLA) has always acknowledged long-term unemployment as an area of concern for their constituents. CLA has been approached by several people seeking support to find a niche role in the community or to set up a small business, this website was created in response to people seeking more information on setting up a small business or finding a suitable volunteer role.

Who this website is for?
This website is aimed at people with an intellectual disability and their supporters who are seeking a specific role in the community. It is for people pursuing an alternative employment option with a focus on finding a more meaningful role. People using this resource don’t necessarily need any formal business knowledge or a clear end goal in mind. This resource will help you to develop ideas and strategies over time to achieve your desired outcome.

How to use this website
This website is best used as a guide and inspiration for people seeking alternative solutions to employment. It may be used to:

  • Structure a plan
  • Get ideas and inspiration
  • Clarify thinking
  • Learn where to start
  • Set goals
  • Start a conversation
  • Share resources

This website is split into two main sections, small business and niche volunteer roles. Please click the correct link at the end of the getting started page to take you in the right direction.
Getting started